We loved creating this tvc for ALDI. You can see the dancing sausages are a team effort by anyone on the crew who wanted to get involved.

It’s beneficial in the edit stage to shoot many moving items at once rather than one at a time and comp them together. These shots are always a lot of fun.

Another shot included a plate of chicken that needed to look like it had dropped to the table and spin like a coin would. These tests were done at the workshop experimenting with turntables, uni joins and ball bearings. Why the talking apple and spinning plate of pie? Because why not!

We're forever drilling holes in surfaces and sticking a spigot through to spin something.

The monitor shot is a stop motion sequence where we built the shot up ‘frame by frame’, ensuring nothing moved on the table or it will ‘jump’ in the edit.

Finally, a great black and white image of steady cam camera to capture the atmosphere and backlight.


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