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Here is a tvc treatment that had many visual element shots and lots of fun.

With some pre production we were able to prepare the movement of the camera and time the rigs to release at the desired moment so that we could speed up the time needed to achieve the shots during the shoot day.

We used ARGO, the 3 axis robot from D2 Motion as the camera platform and both Argo and Norm worked as one.

Dropping fruit into a water tank required the camera to drop down at the same speed as a falling object and then slow down as the water reduced the speed of the fall.

The same applied to the falling dough shot where NORM released a ball of dough, the camera drops at the same speed and then stops as the dough hits a surface covered in flour. A few takes were needed to get a variety of flour explosions, one which covered the lens in a storm of white.

The key to this shot was the consistency of the rig release so that the camera could always meet the landing point at the right time and in the correct focal plane.

These shots varied between 500- 1000fps.


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