Herbert Adams

This job had many individual elements and requirements, from flame bursts, food drops, wine pour and spice collisions. Shot at approx 500fps the rigs were linked to the 3 axis robot ‘ARGO’ from D2 Motion where both computers were co-ordinated to amalgamate camera move with the rig action. With a day of pre production we were able to programme the shots in advance so that when the moment came to shoot the elements we saved valuable time during shot setup. This was a challenging tvc as it involved multiple elements in each shot. Dropping slices of beef and launching herbs and spices whilst the camera is dropping to meet the clash needed fine adjustments to achieve the result. A lot of rigging and actuator work was needed to get the result.

Likewise, the timing of the wine bottle pour. The camera starting level with the bottle and ending up underneath the leading liquid so that it hits the lens needed speed and precision.


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