Picture Drop Test

NORM currently has the ability to execute up to 36 combined actuator moves that are linked to the MotionThat software. This experiment was inspired by a choreographed tvc sequence of bathroom tiles falling off a wall, and as a result we've created the concept of an anti-add for 'cheap and nasty sticky wall hangers’.

For our test we used magnets on the end of pneumatic actuators to disengage with the picture frames on the wall. We achieved this by utilising both sides of a studio set wall, and were able to play with positioning, timing and story telling.

Although we were half-hearted with prepared props, we discovered the possibilities associated with this sequence, as well as what size magnets may be needed for different items to release.

We were lucky enough to commandeer the help of Subash from the CRFC (Canal Road Film Centre) office to hone his acting skills. He immediately went back to the office regretting it!


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